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Leading Tech Companies Love Working With Perform Labs

Linqto turned to Perform Labs to migrate their public-facing website from their single-page application (React/Node) to a stand-alone WordPress website.


Linqto is a leading private equity platform, empowering retail and accredited investors to explore private market investment opportunities in shares of top pre-IPO companies.


Patty Brewer

Linqto, COO

They were outstanding. Their expertise in WordPress went well beyond our expectations. They helped us navigate through the process to ensure we built a purposeful and scalable solution.

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Hamza Loulichki

Linqto, Senior Product Manager

Our SEO scores increased and we had more flexibility with WordPress to set up multiple A/B tests, which has helped us increase our sign-up conversion very quickly.

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Linqto is a leading private equity platform, empowering retail and accredited investors to explore private market investment opportunities in shares of top pre-IPO companies.

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So, Why Perform Labs?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world for a good reason - it’s powerful. But having a WordPress site without an expert developer managing it is like having an athlete with natural raw talent but no coach - lots of wasted potential.

That’s where Perform Labs comes in.

We make sure your WordPress site is ready to scale with your company, whether that’s integrating with your application, beefing up security, improving page load times, developing pixel perfect designs, optimizing for technical SEO, building complex functionality, or just generally keeping your site running like a well-oiled machine.

Perform Labs Integrates Into Your Team

Working with outside vendors can be difficult – especially if you already have a full plate.


Embedded Developer

The good news? We're not just some random developer you need to chase down when you need an update to your site. We embed into your team – as deeply as you'd like – to minimize disruption and maximize output.


Hold stand ups? Your developer will be there, ready with status updates.


Run two week sprints? We’ll execute our work on your timeline.


Use Teams or Slack for internal communication? Add us to your channels and @ us with notes.


Use Jira, Trello, etc for project management? Assign us tasks and we’ll follow your workflow.

But That’s Not All You Get With Perform Labs...

Every Site We Work On Includes Comprehensive Service Features & Development Best Practices To Help You...


Build The Foundation For Your Growth

Hack-Free Security Features

Grow and innovate without security concerns.

Technical SEO Optimization

Build on top of a solid SEO foundation.

Page Speed Optimization

Provide an amazing user experience.


Create a Repeatable Acquisition Engine

Professional Development Process

Push out changes without disrupting your traffic.

Embedded Developer

Easily collaborate with your WordPress developer.

Comprehensive SLA

Predictably release new features, pages, & functionality.


Better Communicate Your Brand

Pixel Perfect Development

Translate your design vision to reality.

Custom UX Functionality

Tell your best brand story.

Achieve Your Go-To-Market Goals

On-going WordPress management and custom development to help you hit your revenue targets and funding milestones.

WordPress Maintenance + Management

Starting at $325 / month

  • Weekly theme & plugin updates
  • Emergency support
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Security optimization
  • Image & media optimization
  • Custom functionality testing
  • Cloud backups
  • On-demand custom development
  • On-demand website updates
  • Embedded developer
  • Comprehensive SLA
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Custom WordPress Development

Project based

  • Custom theme development
  • Migrations
  • API Integrations
  • Custom Functionality
  • Dynamic Content
  • Page Speed Optimization

You know what your website needs to do to grow your users and sales. We make it a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my free audit include?

For your free audit we take a look at 3 primary areas for your home page and main conversion page: UX/UI, page speed & performance, and technical SEO optimization. Also included in your audit is free 30 minute consultation to review the results.

What’s the catch with the audit?

No catch! Typically our audits cost around $700, but we’re giving them away for free (for now) because we believe you’ll get so much value out of it you’ll want to continue working together. That being said, there’s no obligation at all – if you’re just looking for a free audit and have no interest in talking to us, we don’t mind.

Do I need to get a free audit in order to talk to you?

No, though we highly recommend you start with a free audit. However, if you’d rather skip the audit and dive right into your project, send an email to

Do you offer any other services besides WordPress management and development?

Nope. We only work on websites that use WordPress for their CMS or are migrating to WordPress from another CMS.

Where are you located?

We’re a North American based company with team members located in the US & Canada.

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