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Six words no one wants to hear: we're going to miss the deadline followed closely by this is going to cost more than we initially thought.

When we agree on price, scope, and deadline, we guarantee they won’t change. And if they do? Check out our FAQ for more details.

Before Perform Labs, I'd spent thousands of dollars on this project with nothing to show. It's emotional to finally see my project come to life.

Dustin Steeve, Founder of Intercast

So first off, why do you offer a guarantee?
We've been on the other side of the fence too often – hiring developers for projects to not only have the project drag along for months past the deadline, but also paying thousands of dollars more than the agreed upon price. It's a terrible way to do business and we believe our customers deserve better.
Ok, so what's your guarantee?
If you and third parties provide us with account access and required deliverables on-time AND if no undocumented complications arise AND if the project stays within the agreed upon scope, then we guarantee to deliver your project on-time and within budget, or else we'll subtract 1% of your project price from the total for every day we are late. How’s that for a guarantee ;-)
How are you able to offer a guarantee like this?
We won't give away our secret sauce, but our approach has 3 main components: (1) we painstakingly gather project requirements to make sure we understand the scope of the project inside and out, (2) we prioritize over-communication with our clients, making sure we're always aligned as the project progresses, and (3) we are very serious about meeting deadlines.
This sounds great! Ballpark, how much does it cost to work with Perform Labs?
Our guarantee covers our custom website and web app projects which start at $5K. We also offer an unlimited web design & development service (more on that below) which starts at $1K/month and is not covered by our guarantee (yet).
What's the dealio with your unlimited web design and development service?
Starting at $1K/month, our unlimited design and development services are positioned to give you on-demand access to reliable website and web application design and development resources. How it works is simple: you put in as many task requests as you'd like, and we work through them one at a time turning around deliverables no more than 48 hours after you put in the task request. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out our contact form and we'll set up a call to chat through the details.

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Beautiful, blazing-fast websites that'll make your competitors cry with jealousy.

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Product development at any stage and ongoing support after you launch.

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We make sure you never have to login to the backend of your website ever again.

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The Ron Sitrin Team

The Ron Sitrin Team of Long and Foster has over 21 years of real estate experience with over 1,000 past real estate transactions. With an extensive knowledge of their area's homes and vast professional experiences, the Ron Sitrin Team has all the people and tools necessary to make good things happen for you.

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SHS Payroll

SHS Payroll provides services including Payroll, Bookkeeping and GovCon Accounting solutions to small and mid-sized businesses to simplify virtually every aspect of financial situations.. Their team prides themselves on personalized customer service and quick responses. No 1-800 numbers or chatbots, just accessible, local expertise when you need it.

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Anatomy Pro

Anatomy Pro is an emerging physiotherapy clinic providing personable treatment solutions. Located in Vancouver, BC they are highly energetic, mobile, and take a step back from fast paced in-and-out culture of therapy.

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