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Anatomy Pro is an emerging physiotherapy clinic providing personable treatment solutions. Located in Vancouver, BC they are highly energetic, mobile, and take a step back from fast paced in-and-out culture of therapy.

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Anatomy Pro Health started from Aghar Al-Qusus’ vision to give great care to injured patients. In 2020, he opened Anatomy Pro Health as an in-home kinesiology practice. When he was younger, he got interested in kinesiology after dealing with injuries as a soccer player. And he learned how receiving good treatment makes recovery easier. 

Anatomy Pro Health works primarily with patients who have injuries from accidents. And that means a lot of his business comes from insurance companies.


As a startup kinesiology practice, he had no budget to hire a web designer. Aghar spent a month building his first website on Wix. He looked through the websites of other kinesiologists, then tried to replicate what he saw.

What he didn’t know or understand at the time was SEO, contact forms, and other key pieces that can turn a website into a referral generator.

The website he worked so hard on didn’t attract clients or referrals, and it definitely didn’t get any love from Google and the search engines. Clients sent referrals to him, but to expand, he needed access to other markets.

His Wix site was missing an effective contact form. Doctors, insurance carriers, and other professionals he wanted to work with needed an easy way to connect. Make it easy for them, and everyone wins. 

One of Aghar’s friends had a lot of new restaurant patrons coming from their website. So, he asked for an introduction to the web designer, and his friend sent him to us. 

He loved the diversity and skillfulness in our portfolio, so he hired Perform Labs to build a whole new site.


We discovered the key ways that Anatomy Pro’s business model differs from other kinesiology practices. They serve a different clientele as a community-based practice. And then we crafted content and the design to tell that story clearly. 

Anatomy Pro needed a more robust and flexible website. So, we migrated them to WordPress and totally redesigned their site to make them stand out online.    

A key aspect of this project involved making it easy for referral partners to send business to them. We designed an online contact form and connected it to his CRM and ZOHO.


Because we designed their new website to be on-point with both design and search-engine-optimized content, they are getting great results. New patients and referral partners connect with them all the time through the contact form.

They’ve grown from Aghar working solo to a team of nine in just a few years. And now they have a physical location as well as offering in-home visits 

Anatomy Pro Health is continuously expanding its community-based rehabilitation practice. 

Aghar’s advice? Look at the portfolio of the web designer. It’s evidence they can do what you need. And that makes it easy to hire the right designer at a fair price, so you can focus on what you do best. 

I am impressed by the quality of their designs and creativity.

Aghar A, Owner

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