JeffCo Development is a family-owned construction management company with a strong reputation for quality service and craftsmanship. Specializing in all aspects of custom homes and residential remodeling, including custom builds and renovations, they serve the DC-area with integrity and a commitment to their clients unlike any other.

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I’ve been in business for probably 40 years and in that time my experience with websites and designers has been pretty up and down. Most of the time, with the people I have worked with in the past prior to Perform Labs, I would have to stay on top of them or else our website would go stale.

With where I am at in my business right now, I want to have good people around me on my team and I want to have good consultants that I can go to who are going to have our best interest in mind. I couldn’t have asked for anything better from this team.

Jeffrey Robins, President

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