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SHS Payroll provides services including Payroll, Bookkeeping and GovCon Accounting solutions to small and mid-sized businesses to simplify virtually every aspect of financial situations.. Their team prides themselves on personalized customer service and quick responses. No 1-800 numbers or chatbots, just accessible, local expertise when you need it.

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At the beginning of 2022 SHS Payroll owner, Steve Suissa, made one of the most important yet difficult decisions a small business owner can make: reduce his service offering and specialize his company.

This meant shrinking the offering from a variety of services that included govcon accounting, bookkeeping, CFO services, contract management services, and HR services to their bread and butter: small business payroll services.

Along with specializing their service offering, SHS Payroll wanted to take the opportunity to improve how they communicate their mission and message to clients through their website.

The Problem

When Steve approached Perform Labs (us/we moving forward) to do their website redesign, he had two main objectives:

  1. Elevate the overall appearance of the website, and
  2. Make it easy for customers and prospects to navigate and accomplish their goals on the site.

“What I really wanted was a down to earth website that connected with people.”

While delivering amazing looking, easy to use websites is our modus operandi here at Perform Labs, Steve had a 3rd request that turned up the heat a bit: get the site done as quickly as possible.

Steve and his team had already made the internal operations switch to specializing in payroll services and had been communicating that with current customers, but they needed to move quickly to make sure the rest of the world knew about the change. 

“As a small company, you move quickly. You don’t have the time, bandwidth, or resources to extend out any projects.”

The clock was ticking.

The Solution

From the jump, we worked closely with Steve to understand the elements of the current site and brand that were most critical to keep intact.

Our first step was to craft a home page design that incorporated Steve’s vision. After a couple iterations, Steve gave the thumbs up on the UI/UX direction and we were off to the races building out the remainder of the site.

With a tight deadline, we made sure to set key milestones in advance, including communicating when we needed feedback and account access to keep the project moving forward.

As Steve put it, “working with you guys was awesome because we had a goal, we had a deadline. You kept us on track. You gave us deliverables, with due dates because we wanted to keep the project moving. That being said, you were thorough with every meeting we had, outlining ‘here’s where we are, here are the sample pages, look at this ahead of our meeting’ and when we had the meeting we were able to share screens and [give feedback]. So the process went very quickly. Which is what as a small business you want”.

The Result

As for the final results, we think Steve said it best:

“I love our new website… I’m thrilled you were able to capture the mix of what we wanted. It’s hard to capture professional, yet personal and personable and not snotty. What we really wanted was a down to earth website that connected with people. And you guys hit it spot on.”

To hear more about the SHS Payroll project, be sure to watch the video at the top of this page.

I love our new website, I am thrilled by it. They were able to capture the mix of what we wanted: professional yet still personable and not snotty.

What we really wanted was a down-to-earth website that connected with people in simple terms of what we do and why people should work with us. They really hit it spot on.

Steven S, Owner - SHS Payroll

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