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The Ron Sitrin Team of Long and Foster has over 21 years of real estate experience with over 1,000 past real estate transactions. With an extensive knowledge of their area's homes and vast professional experiences, the Ron Sitrin Team has all the people and tools necessary to make good things happen for you.

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on Sitrin has been in real estate for 24 years. Before that, he was a CPA. He knows numbers. He knows how to succeed in business and has grown a ten-member team in the highly competitive market of Washington, DC and Maryland. Ron puts a high priority on studying marketing, branding, and storytelling to keep a competitive edge. And, he isn’t afraid to test and put into action what he learns. 

For the past few years, he had a website that was built from a real estate template, just like many others in his industry. When that didn’t give him the freedom to showcase his agency in the way he desired, he called in Perform Lab.


Ron’s templated website wasn’t keeping up with his business. He needed greater functionality and creative control of the website to expand his marketing efforts. It was time to scrap it. 

Even though the old site looked good, Ron was ready for a website robust enough to integrate with the other kinds of marketing his agency does. 

A key issue was that he couldn’t easily add or change content. With a growing team, the company website has to expand with them. Ron knows how important it is to weave a story as well as to shine a light on his team and property listings in the very competitive Washington DC market. 

Ron needed a website design company that could see the bigger picture of his evolving business. Ron trusted the marketing and branding insight of Perform Lab co-founder, Rob (last name) after working with him on other marketing.


We had two goals for this website. To deliver a site that gave Ron the creative and administrative control he needed, and to design it in a way that tells the story of who they are in a competitive market.

Our first step was to do a thorough analysis of Ron’s business and the many ways he and his team market. Ron knew we were the right partner to design a fresh and robust website with on-point branding and storytelling.  

Once we collected the necessary data and nailed down the branding, Perform Lab designed the website to be a hub for their multidimensional marketing. 

We created synergy between their website, social media, email, newsletters, video, ads, and print materials. One thing we did was integrate Google reviews. This helps tell the story of Ron Sitrin’s team and their valued clients. 

A key aspect of this project was to make the website an asset instead of a landing page. We designed the site so he can list properties, present his team and business as he chooses, and share videos.  All great social proof for visitors.


We worked with Ron to design and build a website that serves as the hub for all the other spokes of the marketing wheel to run through effectively. 

Because we took the time to get a clear view of Ron’s vision for the next stages of his business, the website will easily expand with the agency. And he’s got the creative reins he desired. The website is now working for him as an asset.  

As Ron said, “It tells the stories about our clients and us in a way that feels really authentic. Everything is pulling in the same direction now. The level of engagement is better. It’s unique to us, to the Ron Sitrin team, and that is something nobody else has or can copy.”

We had a templated website that was good but we were looking to go deeper. What we really needed was a website that was tailored uniquely to the Ron Sitrin Team and for the site to integrate with our digital marketing efforts.

I was proud visually of our website in the past, but it was not an asset I could use to try and grow the business in a meaningful way. Now the look and feel of our videos, social media content and mailers all match the look and feel of our website which adds a level of consistency to everything we do. I feel really proud of the fact that I don’t see any weak links anymore in our efforts to promote our business.

Ron Sitrin, Founder

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